Let's be aware of people who are deaf or hard of hearing

I’ll start by introducing the machines that support sound

Let's learn about information assurance devices with digital technology

Convenient devices designed to help deaf and hard of hearing people in their daily lives are called “information assurance devices .” These devices are becoming more and more convenient, not only by using vibration and light to inform us about various situations, but also by using letters to express sounds.

Convert audio to text

photo of UCDisplay


photo of KoeTora


Convert everyday sounds to text

photo of KoeTora


Convert sounds into light or vibrations

photo of Flashing Light

Flashing Light

Installed in toilets, etc., to announce emergencies with light instead of broadcasting

photo of Ontenna


Worn in the hair, etc., to experience the presence of cheers, music, etc., with light and vibrations

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In what situations are information assurance devices useful for people who can hear?

  • When reading
  • When listening to music through earphones
  • When eating a snack


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There are times in daily life when even those who can hear cannot hear the sounds around them, such as when listening to music. Information assurance devices are a technology that makes life easier for everyone.


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