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Tokyo 2025 Deaflympics: Calling Junior High and High School Students to Vote for Tournament Emblem! (Until August 21st)


Emblem of the convention to be designed by students of Tsukuba University of Technology, the only university for the hearing impaired in Japan

The Deaflympics, an international all-around sporting event for Deaf athletes, will be held for the first time in Tokyo, Japan, in 2025 to mark its 100th anniversary.
The students of Tsukuba University of Technology, Japan’s only national university for the hearing- and visually-impaired, are responsible for the creation of the emblem that will be the symbol of the Games.

What is the emblem of the convention?
A logo mark created for each Deaflympics event. The logo is designed with various messages for each host city, and is widely used as a symbol of the Games, such as in the decoration of competition venues.

On September 3, the Tokyo 2025 Deaflympics emblem will be decided by a vote of junior high and high school students (including those from schools for the deaf) in Tokyo from among the finalist design proposals!

The participating middle and high school students deepened their understanding of Deaf Sports through stories about Deaf Athletes and voted on one design proposal through group work.
On this day, you will decide by your own vote which emblem will shine as the face of the convention.

Applications for middle and high school students who can have such a possibly once-in-a-lifetime experience will be accepted until “August 21!
Please jump in at the URL below for this unique opportunity!

The 2025 Deaflympics – “Let’s design the emblem for the 2025 Deaflympics! ~Group work and presentation event for emblem design voting by junior high and high school students” “Let’s design the emblem for the 2025 Deaflympics!

Sunday afternoon, September 3, 2023
(Details will be provided to applicants as soon as they are determined.)

Tokyo Metropolitan Para Sports Training Center (376-3 Nishimachi, Chofu City, Tokyo)

◯Contents (tentative)
Understand about differentials (introduction to differential sports and differential athlete talk)
Learn about and select a design (explanation of the design by students who created the design proposal, group work, voting)
Determination and awarding of emblem design

Junior and senior high school students living or attending school in Tokyo
(Including age equivalent. You agree that photos and videos of you participating in the event may be used in TMG’s publicity activities (website, SNS, newsletters, etc.).

◯Number of applicants
Approx. 100 persons
On-site participation is the basic policy, but online participation is also an option.

◯Click here to apply (from the special page in Sports Tokyo Information)

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